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vrijdag 20 juni 2014

Dea Sandraudiga

Sandraudiga is Germanic Goddess only known from a single Latin inscription on an altar found in Zundert (The Netherlands). Her name means She who colours the sand red.
Several interpretations to this name have been proposed.
Some claim she must be a battle Goddess, colouring the sand in blood. Others say it has to do with fertility. The fertile grounds in the Zundert Aerea are quite reddish. In order to support their theory they refer to the horn of plenty carved out on her altar. And a last interpretation connects her to the production of iron, the red sands are quite rich in iron and proof of early iron reduction has been found in the neighbourhood of her altar.
So I though, why choose, she might just as well have been Goddess of all these elements. Fertility godesses are often battle godesses as well. And moving from swords to iron isn't hard either.