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dinsdag 27 december 2011

King Olav Trygvasson meets Thor

Like his father Odin Thor manifested himself to Olav Trygvasson. Once upon sailing along the coast, a man hailed him from a projecting rock, asking to be taken onboard. Herupon the king ordered the ship to be steered to the rock and take the man onboard. He was of great stature, youghtfully, and had a red beard. Scarcely had he come on board or he started to play all kind of practical jokes on the crew. They however were not amused. He proclaimed they were just miserable seamen, unworthy to travel on such a great ship under the command of such a great king. They asked him whether there was anything noteably he would relate to them. He answered there were but few questions he would prove unable to answer. Upon this they conducted him in front of the king, praising his knowledge. Finaly the king requested to be told a tale of the older days.I will begin then in relating how this land we sail by, used to be inhabited by giants. But a great misfortune befell them so that only 2 females of their race remained alive.Thereupon men of the east migrated into the land and settled it. But the two giantesses plagued and haressed them. Therupon, so the youth recounted, these man cold upon THIS redbeard to aid them in their struggle. Thereupon, i grabbed my hammer and slew those two monstrous beings, and eversince the dwellers of this coast have been calling upon me for aid untill... until thy king came along and destroyed all my old friends, an act wurthy of revenge. The redbeard slimed bitterly upon the king, and before the king could undertake anything, he darted switfly overboard and dissapeared.

I am not sure were in the saga's this story can be found, i myself found it in Benjamin Thorpse "Northern mythology", woodworths editions 2001, ISBN 1 84022 501 7, page 132

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