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zondag 30 september 2012

a small poem on ragnarok


Harbards Helmets
glowing with glittering gold
steadfast standing
the heavenly haven hold

frozen faces
staring in streaking storm
princely paying
the terrible trolls toll

firm followers
sheltering behind sharp shields
following fearlessly
the hollow honking horn

thunder thorn
steps seven strong
followed firmly by
to towering trumps

hard hit
by the wirlings weapons wrath
the cracled casket
into silences sleep slips

the wrathfull wolf
finally freed of festers
lusfully leaps
on Greybeards grim garment

priceless power
lustfully lost in love
deerly damages
the poor potentate of pigs

as darknesses death
finally falls fearfully
under the limetless line
the unworldly utter unanswered remains

"Is this the end of all?"

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