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zaterdag 12 januari 2013

Freja weeps

The text is in dutch, writen in Dalrunes " toen hij haar verliet huilde ze tranen van amber en goud" or "When he left her, she wept tears of amber and gold".
The intreaging thing is that after having read the saga's and the comments on the saga's I am stil uncertain whe HE is.
Is is Odd or Odin? At least Peter Madsen seems to believe Odd and Odin are one, and as such he is representatif of an important group of saga connaisseurs. On the other hand, in many 19th centuray commentaries we find the opposite view. Odd is regarded as a deity on its own... .
I have no preference for either of these visions, thus I choose the neutral HE.

Why Dalrunes? first of all I find them quite attractive, having survived as a genuine writing system well into the 20th century.
I once read that during the 30 year war, one of the generals used Dalrunes to pass on orders to his officers.
furthermore I find them quite elegant. Although in daily life I prefer to use the original germanic runes (as they are the easiest to use in my mother tongue Dutch), I often integrate the specific dallrunes for scandinavian letters when writing in Danish. Dalrunes fill in the empty spaces older runes cannot fill in since they were no more in use when the soundsystem of Scandinavian langues changed.

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